so this is it...

where to start? it is a question that has plagued me for a couple of months already...since we decided that we would take the plunge...sell the house, liquidate as much as possible, go traveling around the world (or 'rtw' as travel types say). i'm not sure how jay feels but i'm askered! i'm overwhelmed with all that needs to be sorted out and planned. how are we getting there, how are we paying for all this, what should we bring, who will take care of our kitty cats, WHERE SHOULD WE GO!!! it boggles the mind.

i guess making the decision...acknowledging that i am unfulfilled and searching to reignite passion in my life and knowing that this is what my mind, body and soul needs. that's a good start. right? i know in the depths of my being that this what i need to do. i feel so fortunate that my partner in crime...i mean life...is willing and able to accompany me on this journey. together we will conquer the fear and overcome the odds. i cannot wait. i cannot wait!


in a little while,

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