for $25,200 over asking! possession is given up on june 26th @ 8am. 

early morning discussions today involved possibly sticking around until August (yes j.r., until after our annual long wknd at the lake ;p). this will give us the opportunity to spend quality time with the people we love, get our kitties settled into their new home, and have our house money in hand before we leave the country. it's also been brought to our attention that july is the most expensive time to start a rtw trip because all of the world is on vacation in july/august. we may not save much by postponing for a month but we will be much more prepared.

we'd also like to take a side trip if flight prices are right. we'd love to see jay's brother in vancouver before we go. craig and mathy are expecting their first little one in june. 

so we may be knocking on your door for a place to crash in july. we promise to clean up after ourselves and jay will cook dinner at least 3 times a week. promise!

trying desperately to come up with a suitable knock knock joke...& failing miserably,



our house is now on mls.

must be official then. we are going to sell our house. i am having mixed feelings about this. there are so many things i love about our place especially now that all the little projects are complete and everything is in its place. 

last night we moved into my parents house for the week that our house is open for showings. i'm hoping that it only takes a week but we do have until May 3rd before the 'rents get back from vacation and kick us out. our kitty cats have been there for a week already and clearly missed us. they were all snuggles and cuddles last night.

my emotions are running at an all time high. late nights cleaning paired with grabbing food on the run paired with physical exhaustion of cleaning, cleaning, cleaning paired with mixed emotions of selling our first home, leaving our kitties, family and friends and then add a sappy commercial or news story about a 14 year old saving a 2 year old with CPR = emotional rollercoaster ride for corina!!! tears have been shed already. reality is sinking in. what the 'bleep' are we doing?

i wonder if i'm going to start bawling in front of the realtor when he presents the offers on sunday...



ta da!

we spent much of yesterday tidy-ing and 'staging' each room in the house for a photo shoot. today i'll fire off these photos to the realtor to post on his website and eventually on mls.ca. feel free to critique for the actual showing of the house. any staging advice? we'd like to make as much as possible off this sucker...our equity = travel budget!


planning, planning and more planning

One might say I tend to play it a little fast and loose.  It works for me, mostly.  More on that later.  I do see the benefit of planning, I promise. Today Corina and I  started planning where to go on our world tour. I had purchased a map yesterday so we could see everything all at once. The map was unrolled and the pins started going in. This got me all excited as I have a small thing for maps and that we could see a basic lay out of where everything was.  An idea of where we wanted to go was starting to jell... The reality of what we are about to do is sinking further and further in each day...  I know full well that Corina's desire to have a basic route, to look at is the most  prudent idea.  She knows what's what, after all I'm Mr. Fast and loose. I actually think that combined we could kick ass and take down names!  Watch out world, here we come.


going, going...

last night we had a realtor come by for a 2nd opinion...and then we decided to sign up with him. our house is now officially going on the market! eeeeek! 

the proposed plan is to go to market on a thursday and have offers presented on a sunday night. the thursday we've agreed to is April 23rd. that leaves 16 days to get this house presentable. aaaaack!

can you tell i'm nervous...excited...going to puke???


step one: sell the house

In order to do this there is a bunch of prep work that needs to be done, on many different fronts, but most notably are house repairs. it seems the days slip by and all the to do list does is grow! (tho' to be fair we have paired it down some). 

We are nearing completion of the basement bath renovation & once it is done a major hurdle is overcome. 

This is our old ugly basement bath. I think it speaks for itself.  Is there any wonder why it went away? I think not. jas