baby steps + 2 updates

since this whole thing...this pack up your house, this quit your job, this leave your family and friends for a year thing...is quite overwhelming (how many times will i say this before i'm ok with it?) i've decided to make a list of things to do only bits at a time. i think of things that are achievable in the weekend or in an evening and then i make a list. 

this weekend my list consists of cleaning the house (i haven't done that since we listed the house - blush), going to the gym (gotta get in shape to haul around a 30lb backpack), take pictures of the stuff we want to sell & put online, sort tools into sell/donate or keep, research gear and settle on a pack, finalize overall flight plan and get quotes, plan our goodbye party, snuggle kitties.

good thing its a long weekend. 

update: half way through...house half vacuumed due to full vac bag, haven't gotten to the gym, most pictures are taken but rest not because need to vacuum & dust first, tools not touched, in the midst of finalizing flight plan (which by the way...takes a friggin' long time!) fortunately for the cats a lot of the planning happens sitting down so cuddles are up to quota...

update after the wknd: i've been meaning to write a new post but there is so much to do that i have little energy...mentally and physically to write a full-on post. so here is my update. from the list above we accomplished: the house cleaning (altho' we didn't dust or wash the hardwoods so its not my standard of clean but it will do), pictures are taken of the stuff we want to sell but we have not posted them on craigslist or kijiji yet, our flight plan is finished we just have to finalize with payment and confirm that we can get visa's for all destinations while we are on the road, we shopped for packs but haven't found one we like yet (wpg has really crappy selection...more on that another day perhaps?), the tools are sorted and ready to be sold or stored, and finally we did not plan our goodbye party...the best parties are the ones where everyone just shows up and hangs in the kitchen anyway right? so all in all, not a bad wknd...felt pretty productive :)

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