flat people travel well

just thought i'd give you a quick update on how our flat nieces and nephew are getting along on this adventure. our four nieces and one nephew drew pictures of themselves, laminated them and gave them to us to photograph in various places and positions along our travels. the concept is from a children's book about a boy that flattened himself...flat stanley

flat penner nieces, hannah, ellie & sasha, at the silver dragon marking the entrance into the city of london.

flat petroff niece & nephew, jane & owen, on a fancy london lamp post.

flat penners enjoying a pint of local ale at the oldest pub in england, the fighting cocks.

flat petroffs chillin' with uncle jason while he drinks a pint of local ale at the fighting cocks pub.

flat penners hangin' out with auntie corina in the shambles, york, england.

flat petroffs wondering why uncle jason has a big spire sticking out of his head in dublin, ireland.

i wonder what they'll get up to in berlin this week...stay tuned ;p


mmloewen said...

You guys look sooooooo happy. So good to see your adventure is so awesome. Thanks for posting pics.
Looks like a lot of fun.
Love, A.Marlene

mmloewen said...

Took me awhile to catch onto "flat penners", Had I known you could of taken a "flat loewen" too. LOL

Kara said...

I love the flat nephews and nieces. I'm loving all the pictures - they make me green with envy.

Karla said...

Hi Auntie Corina and Uncle Jason!

Thank you for taking us on all your adventures. Our favourite picture is hanging off Uncle Jason's pint. Hannah is at camp this week, but we will show her the pictures when she comes home. It is very hot here this week. Is it hot where you are? Have fun!

Ellie and Sasha

Emms said...

Tombs totally interest me! Whenever I see a commercial for Newfoundland on television, (that shows the UNESCO site (Norse Viking site in L'Anse aux Meadows) I SOOO want to check them out.

corina said...

Hi Ellie and Sasha,

I´m pretty sure that picture is Uncle Jason´s favourite too ;p

Here´s some cool letters on a German keyboard you won´t find on yours
ß - this is the s sound
€ - this stands for euro (like our $ sign but more expensive)
ü - i like to use this letter when i say über
some other vowels are ö, ä, µ
§ - not sure what that means...

that´s the end of this lesson on the German alphabet. make sure you learn German...i never did and now i wish i could speak it.

hope you are having fun even though hannah is away :D

love a. corina

Monica said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog. Just wanted to say that laminating hand drawn pictures is such a cute idea! I'm also very jealous that you guys are traveling around the world. I'm going to have to wait till I finish grad school to do that. But in the mean time, I'll go where I can when I can.

By the way, would you be interested in exchanging links? I've already added yours to my blogroll. :)

Happy Travelings!

corina said...

hi Monica thanks for stopping by! we'll check out your blog too :)