tired of ancient ruins?

too bad. we went to athens and therefore you must endure more photos of more ancient buildings and ruins. there might be more to athens than the acropolis but we didn't experience it. well...that's not completely true. we, once again, landed a sweet couchsurfing host to help us navigate our way through the huge metropolis that is athens. vasilis was super friendly and outgoing and made sure we had something to do every evening. he took us to one of his haunts and we tried his favourite brazilian drink, caipirinha. vasilis is obsessed with brazil and is even learning portuguese...his 7th language. what better city than athens to be hosted by an architect?

view down to the temple of apollo and athens from the acropolis

odeion of herodes atticus

the parthenon front facade

our day exploring the acropolis was uneventful until we pulled out the flat people for a photo op in front of the parthenon. jay was down on his knees holding up flat hannah, flat ellie and flat sasha high above his head in front of the famous athenian ruin as i focused the camera on their flat forms. my concentration, only on the flat penners, was broken when i heard a woman say, "you can't do that, it's forbidden!". i wasn't sure at first who she was talking to. i took the picture and turned to see what the fuss was about. she came towards us and said again that it was forbidden..."what? is forbidden?", i was wondering. well, apparently you cannot take photos with representations of things or any type of symbol with the parthenon...not even the greek flag. she warned us that if the guards saw us they would confiscate the photo. funny...cuz in the next 15 minutes we took the photo of us in front of it with me wearing a barcelona tshirt and no one said a thing. PLUS we saw many other tourists with logo tshirts doing the same.

temple of apollo corinthian columns

temple of hephaistos

that concludes this segment of all things old in greece. we won't bore you with anymore ruins...at least until we get to turkey.

ya sas,


Emms said...

what - you bought new clothes?!

Karla said...

Whew.... i was worried there for a minute. Thinking that "The Flats" were about to be sucked into a greek vortex or kidnapped by a really bossy greek lady who thinks she knows all the rules and likes to tell people she does. Sheeesh. I feel better now. Don't be getting my blood pressure up again. Carry on.

Alison said...

great ruins - now I'm wishing we didn't skip Athens...

how did you like Anafi??