Machu Picchu at last!

Shack along raging river in Aguas Calientes, the town below Machu Picchu

Instead of reiterating hundreds of travel blogs out there with the history of Machu Picchu, I will regale you with a photo essay. Taking photos throughout our trip has been one of our favourite activities. Both Jay and I love to compose photos and this trip has been a great learning experience for what works and what doesn't. We have thousands of photos and hundreds that didn't turn out. I'm sure some photography classes are in our near future! We got lucky and lots did turn out so here you are: Machu Picchu at last!

Colourful buildings in Aguas Calientes

Men at work along the railway to Aguas Calientes (note the raging river below)

Finally! Macchu Picchu!

I love the sky in this shot but couldn't get rid of the tourist's elbow without cropping the photo to death

Jay poking his head in where it doesn't belong

that's better!

 it was a hot, sunny day...and then it wasn't anymore

the fog really started rolling in so that we had our heads in the clouds :)

I obviously loved that little house

...and then it was sunny again...you can see all the details clearly

the intricate building blocks used in buildings of importance

Agricultural terraces at Machu Picchu

the Inca's just built around the mountain, no need to blast it with dynamite!

I let Jay take a few shots and this is what he came up with ;p

 Jay hugging Intihuatana as requested by his father

Isn't it incredible?
Every blog post needs an "awwww" moment...

Those Incas, showing off their building prowess again!

Looking out into cloud forest

The views were spectacular!

I hope you enjoyed our RTW trip...we sure did! The next few posts will be our arrival back in North America and our smorgasbord of fun with friends in California. And then I might get around to telling you about coming home and what we are up to these days.


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