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This woman in Bangkok made the best Banana Roti

When we first started traveling I didn't feel very comfortable taking pictures of people. In fact, in most of my photos I would wait until people moved out of my shot. Sometimes I would even get frustrated that they were 'ruining' a perfectly good photo. Somewhere along the line I realized that photos of empty streets and building facades no matter how good the lighting didn't necessary make an interesting photo. Memories of a place are so much more than the architecture or beautiful sunsets. It's the people that give a place it's identity. Here is a sampling (in no particular order) of what you might see on an average day, in an average place somewhere around the world.

 Hanging out on the back of a pick up truck (aka. a shared taxi) in Chiang Mai

 A young Thai boy testing the temperature of his hot dogs on a stick in Chiang Mai

 View from the train as we leave Bangkok   
Feeling the heat on 6 hour trip from Bangkok to Cambodia via the local train (cost = $1.60 CDN).

 My first photos of people seemed to be of people wearing odd clothing. This guy was about to enter the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Seems to me his pants are better suited for a walk on the moon.

 Walking through this market in Izmir, Turkey you are surrounded by people and hawkers yelling out the specials of the day.

 Turkish taffy guy

 Cruising down the river towards Tonle Sap Lake with 2 kids as our guides

 Siem Reap, Cambodia street scene

 A family showing off their goat (aka. dinner) as Eid celebrations begin in Dubai

 Local Vietnamese cater to the tourists lounging under the umbrellas offering massages, manicures and threading (hair removal) rather insistently in Sihanoukville.

 A street in the Kowloon neighbourhood of Hong Kong.

 One of the cleanest subways, although one of the busiest, was in Singapore

 Traffic jams were common place during the floating markets near Can Tho, Vietnam

 Need a letter typed up? Head to the streets of Melaka, Malaysia.

These ain't no ordinary cabs in Melaka, Malaysia

 This guy made the best Banana Roti...of Malaysia

 An outdoor food court in Pulau Penang, Malaysia. You'll see locals and tourists mingling here.

 Bangkok's street food. We ate some. It was good.

 If you don't hurry, the ferry in Bangkok will leave without you even if you are mid-stride onto the deck.

 Scooters maneuver through the crowds of the Dalat, Vietnam night market.

 A Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam sidewalk cafe.

 The cleansing station before you enter the temple in Toyko.

 The fish market in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has restaurants upstairs that will prepare your fish for you while you drink lots of beer.

 The quaint cobbled streets of Paraty, Brazil

 A pedestrian friendly street in Santiago, Chile

 A street corner in Lima, Peru

 The oasis of Huacachina, Peru

 Ah, yes...this is where I started photographing people on the streets. Maybe before we got to Barcelona there weren't any interesting ones...

 Harem pants were EVERYWHERE in Barcelona.

 Harem pants AND matching tails? Seriously?

 Hong Kong

 Ho Chi Minh on the eve of Tet (the Vietnamese version of New Years except it lasts 4 days)

Shopping in the streets of Cusco, Peru

I haven't spend much time perusing our photos lately but when I do I always feel this sense of "I did that?"... 
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