the amazingly adaptable flat people

...from ancient caves to modern cities the flat people can handle it all!

the flat petroffs decide that these cubby holes found in goreme, turkey are the perfect place to play tic-tac-owen.

flat hannah is the clear winner in a game of queen of the cubby holes although ellie almost made it just as high.

flat sasha may look like she's smiling in front of this ancient goreme cave house but on the inside she's thinking to herself, "more stairs? didn't we climb enough in pamukkale?"

flat jane and flat owen think it's time for an extreme makeover on this old run down cave house! where's flat ty when you need him?

the flat petroff feel right at home in dubai's indoor ski slope...i mean, it's below zero, there's skiing, sledding and man-made snow...much closer to the reality of home than the +30 degrees C outside.

flat sasha was encouraged by flat hannah to do her best snowman impersonation. flat ellie couldn't stop giggling as usual.

flat owen and flat jane were asked to help guard hong kong's botanical garden with this chinese lion. apparently his partner on the other side of the gate really needed to pee.

obviously the flat penners didn't listen to their flat parents' advice to never play ball with hong kong lions...someone always loses an arm!

the flats practise their hovering skill above hong kong's famous skyline. miraculously flat hannah and flat sasha recovered from their run in with the lion.

the merlion in singapore's marina was a big hit with uncle jay. he was so excited to see a mermaid and a lion statue (and what's with all the lions in asia anyway?) that he literally forced the flats to pose with it. after all it's famous. good excuse, i suppose.

gule gule, baai baai, see ya
from the flat people who are now going to sleep...it's way past their bedtimes and they had a full day on the beach in penang! (pictures to follow)


gayle said...

Wow those kids have been busy. I sure hope they left time for their Christmas Shopping Rest well flat Penners and Petroffs

Mahmoud said...

Like it!