how hot is Thailand?

this is for our friends and family back in canada...cold canada...winterpeg, manitoba. as you start your new year with a low of -27 degrees celcius and a high of -20 we begin ours with a sunshiney +35. nah nah nah nah boo boo :P

so hot! good thing there's an ocean to jump into :)

yup that's sweat dripping off jay's nostril


Anonymous said...

I looked up koh mak--apparently it's a remote lust green island that most Thai people have never heard of. Someone with english as their 1st language should proof read their ads. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you both.

Love, Mom and the kittens

gayle said...

Hot is Hot. I remember how hot I found Bangkok The northern region is much more temperate. At any rate you can cool off in the water and we can yet add another layer of clothing. Is this what you would call from one extreme to another . HAPPY NEW YEAR and may 2010 be one of your best. Love You M/G

corina said...

the weird spellings for things is half the fun if reading Thai menus and signs!

the temperatures ARE extreme opposite. I'm not complaining but it might be nice to sprinkle a -15 day here and there :)

happy new year love and miss you both!