scenes from bangkok

tuk tuks...ubiquitous in thailand cities...are a cheap way to get around when you are tired of walking or you can't figure out what bus to take.

the streets of bangkok are lined with food vendors. you want fruit...you got it! you want durian...the guy cuts it up for you and seals it in smell proof packages for your trip home.

the market place is a great place to catch up with friends or make new ones.

if you dare...jay has only had one bad reaction to seafood from the street vendors.

more tuk tuks waiting to take you..."where you go?"

khao san road is big with the backpacker types...but since we're wannabees (another post on the subject to follow)...we didn't spend much time here.

as you can see khao san road is full of farang (ie. european/white folks) and way too busy to be enjoyable...unless you are a true backpacker (yes, more wannabee chattering).

the river is a great way to bypass the notorious bangkok traffic. waiting for the ferry on the floating dock is a true test of your balancing skills. and you better act quickly when the ferry arrives or you'll be left in it's wake.

this is a slow boat...for those that have time to chillax...
just one of many homes/businesses/warehouses you'll see from the river.

even in a fast-paced city like bangkok, there's time for reflection while the world whizzes by on shore.
ka ka ka,

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Anonymous said...

My memories of Bangkok are Chaos Chaos Chaos to big to busy and to to hot

I love your pictures you really get the feel M/G