why we will never rent a scooter...

...ever again.
read about our thailand scooter experience at ron & ali's blog and you will know why!


we wish you a quick recovery ron!
corina & jay


Anonymous said...

Hi Jay and Corina - Just want to tell you that I check your blog everyday and am thoroughly enjoying it. What a wonderful way to get to know you. I went to school with Gayle - way back when and Gayle and Jack worked in Thompson at the same time as us. Okay now you know I am OLD and living vicariously through you. We live on Pender Island at present. If on your way home you want to come and visit us please let us know. Wow banana roti!

gayle said...

Hi U2 Please please never go near a scooter again. That was awful what happened and I sure hope Ron makes a complete recovery

Shane said...

Ahh yes, who can forget the sight of a half dozen flies drinking (don't think of what else they may be doing) from the ooze which refuses to scab up on your road-rashed leg... But the bikes are so fun!