faery lake

flat jane amid the faeries

we were walking in tijuca forest, the urban forest in rio de janeiro, when flat jane spotted a map along the side of the road. the map showed a tiny lake known as faery lake high up on the hill. we had already been walking for a couple of hours so everyone in the group was tired. not flat jane! she was raring to go! luckily auntie corina found her second wind and trudged up the hill with her. it was quiet...all you could hear were the rain drops on the forest rooftop...we waited patiently for the faeries to show themselves. i think if you look very closely above the flowers you can see the flash of light they left behind.



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3D Jane said...

Thank you for taking flat me there! I wish the real me could go there...it looks so pretty! I would be so thrilled to see faerie lake! Thanks for trekking up there!