Chillin' Chile

We had 6 days in Chile, time enuf to do a little something. Heck we had six days in Japan and we did, what I consider, a good amount of stuff. But after arriving at the apartment in Santiago which we opted for as a treat. We settled in... it was nice and 'homey'. Maybe too homey. After a long time on the road we took the opportunity to, well, chill. It's not like we did nothing, it was just very low key. We walked about the city took in some of the sights but over all Santiago was low key for us. The fact that the country was rocked by a major earthquake on Feb 28th made the excuse to confine our adventures to Santiago proper a little easier to justify. For the first few days we managed trips to the market for supplies. By the third day I was getting restless and convinced Corina to venture out to Cerro San Cristobal a near by park/hill. We took the funicular up to see the view and a statue of the virgin Mary.

funicular up Cerro San Cristobal

"The Immaculate Conception"

We intended to take the teleferico to another part of the park but it was closed so after we wandered the top of the hill we took the funicular back down. On the way to the park we passed the church of San Francisco. We wandered inside one of Santiago's oldest churches for a quick look see. Afterward, we wove threw the streets to reach the park.

Iglesia de San Francisco

Another lazy day followed as we shopped at the Los Domminicos craft market. With a low key wander around Santiago's historic center the another day, where old meets new in a way that I appreciated.

Museo de Bellas Artes

Ave. Bellavista

Catedral de Santiago

On our last day a vain attempt to go to a winery just outside the city limits was thwarted because of the language barrier. But there were no long faces on our account. We really re-charged in Santiago and although I may have been prone to a little cabin fever, it was worth it in the end and allowed a more rigorous journey into Peru. Sometimes, even during a vacation, it is important to take 'er easy every so often. Corina seems to be more intune to this need and has prevented burn out, I am sure. Yep sometimes it pays to go slow, in this case, in Santiago!



Kara said...

Your trip is looking amazing Corina. It's been fun following you around the world. Can you send me your email address? I need to fill you in on some good info.

corina said...

hi kara! you can email me at corina(dot) penner (@) gmail (dot) com

i'm curious about your news :)

ps we will be home later this week