interview @ royal lake

our good friends, emily and jason (a.k.a. j.r. as not to confuse the audience with too many jasons), had the idea that it would be good to interview us before we left and when we get home. the thought was quiz us now with our expectations and quiz us later to see if the expectations where realistic, met &/or exceeded. have a look (we apologize for the sound quality...next time we'll have microphones or do a voice over ;p)

for those of you who don't want to sit through 18 minutes of ums and uhs these are some of the highlights:

q: what city/country are you most looking forward to?
c: spain/barcelona because fascination with architect antoni gaudi, i want to experience his spaces...sit on his park benches...that will be way better than looking a photos in my design history text books
j: paris

q: what scares you the most about this trip?
j: nothing specifically...the potential for disaster?!? haha
c: the process of preparing for this trip has been the scariest thing so far. the unknown is scary...unfamiliar countries.

q: as an aside to that what about tsunami season in malaysia at christmas time?
a: jay is not scared of tsunami season and after j.r. posed this question i looked up tsunami on google and apparently there is no specific tsunami season as tsunami's are like earthquakes just under the water...unpredictable. the good thing is that we can change our flights accordingly if necessary.

q: what do you hope to gain? 
a: (lots of pauses here)
c: less stress, perspective on the world, expanded experiences
j: we are generally insulated in north america so this is a chance to broaden our way of thinking 

q: who will forget/leave their bag behind first?
c: usually we would say jay...but on our recent travel experience to san francisco i lost my bus pass the first hour i had it.
j: i think corina lost 2 or 3 things and she said 'is this what its like for you all the time?' and i responded 'welcome to my world'!
c: jay's absentmindedness may be wearing off on me. oh no!

q: who will stop shaving first?
c: jay
j: corina (repeatedly pointing at corina)

q: what is the dollar amount you have spent on your trip so far?
c: $12,000 - plane tix $5000 each plus gear, shots, clothes, travel insurance...
j: $13,000

q: how much will the trip cost?
c: we hope to keep it in at $35,000 including what we've already spent

-after looking at our bank account and our daily budget it may be closer to $42,000. eek.

q: what electronics are you bringing with you?
c: there is some indecision about if we should bring a laptop or an iPod touch or both. we have 2 cameras a digital SLR and a point and shoot.
j: i think we should get an iPod touch regardless.

q: are you bringing a hair dryer or straightener corina?
c: nope. i'll be going natural for a year. 

q: what comforts from home are you bringing with you?
c: hair conditioner!
j: underwear (smirk)
c: and a mini photo album of friends, family and our cats

q: who will be the first to check the prices for flights home?
c: neither - we'll hang out in california 'til the money runs out!

the end. stay tuned next year for 5 individual questions from each of us...filmed without the other one hearing the questions or answers...


Daniel said...

Bringing a set of pics with family and friends is a great idea. It's a great way to communicate when in places where English speakers are hard to come by. Picture of my mom and dad, and my brothers and sisters were big hits when I traveled to Inner Mongolia and other parts of China. So good call there!

corina said...

that's what we were hoping...not only mementos for us but to shoe people where we come from.

Karla said...

Hey.... I don't think I like the "maybe we'll keep going" bit in your "About Us" section. :)

Danni said...

hi guys! just wanted to say hi and let you know I'm looking forward to following the travels of fellow canadians :)

corina said...

hi danni thx for stopping by :D