surprise we're in york

so after much deliberation we've ended up in york. we took a train back to london to catch another train and bus to york. we've found a super cheap transportation company called mega bus. for £5 each we were able to train/bus from london to york. our train ride back to london from king's langley cost us £15.60. bizarro world. york is 3-4 times as far!

we've decided to shell out the big moolah for a b&b. this is the first time we'll be paying for accomodation since our trip began. wicked ;p we've had really good luck finding awesome people to stay with. the couple we stayed with in king's langley has offered to have us back when we come back to the london area. we were able to leave some non-essential things there like extra deodorant & toiletries there while we travel around for the next week. lenka, the girl half of the couple, had a ream of guide books that we pilfered through...absorbing as much as our little brains could handle. i borrowed the england guide and quickly managed to abandon it on the train to catch our bus. (note to em & j.r. - this is the first item that has been lost or forgotten...and it ain't even mine!)

jay is couchsurfing as i type this blog at an internet cafe. i was hoping to post some pictures but the computer doesn't recognize my camera. grrr. our nieces and nephew each drew a flat version of themselves for us to pose in photos from around the globe. flat penners & flat petroffs! we have an awesome one of my nieces, hannah, ellie and sasha, hanging out around jay's beer in the fighting cocks pub...and one of jay's niece and nephew, jane and owen, chillin' in the bromely garden with a gnome. guess you'll have to wait til we figure out how we're going to post them.

york is so gorgeous. i'm so glad we came. its surpassed my expectations. it has quaint cobblestone streets and a gorgeous cathedral that i'm itching to explore tomorrow. i was a bit of grump when it came to planning our excursion here because a) we had to leave early in the morning b) by leaving early we had to disrupt the sleep of our very gracious host, steve c) it was a 6 hour trip and d) we had no place to stay until we decided to make b&b reservations at 10:30 last night. now that i've been here for 1/2 a day i'm happy to say...i'm happy to be here.

well, i guess i'll finish my £5 mojito and join jay in surfing for couches.

p.s. lenka, if you are reading this, we've already secured a new and improved version of lonely planet's england :D


Shane said...

Stonehenge is cool, but there are other standing stones too. Head up to Thurso and take the ferry up to the Orkney Islands (the Shetland and Faroe Islands sound cool too, but I never made it up there)

Ali said...

Sounds like so much fun already!!! It is really great to hear you've started your adventures successfully... sometimes the best things are found when you least expect it (and sometimes without a plan!). By the way, I also did the tourist bus rides in both NYC and Sydney and didn't expect to LOVE it, but I did! Great way to see the cities in a limited amount of time and get the highlights to revisit at a later point in time. Totally recommend it myself...(although the Sydney-ers seemed to find it amusing!). Cannot wait to hear more adventures! Miss ya tonnes!!!