what to do, where to go

our indecisiveness is becoming an issue. maybe? we are staying with couchsurfing hosts in king's langley, northwest of london and we don't want to take advantage of their kindness and flexibility...but...we have no idea where we are going tomorrow. i mean, we have an idea. but we're not sure how we are to get there, how much it will cost or more importantly where we will stay once we get there.

i'm supposed to be doing research into this as jay cooks us all dinner. but, even when you travel your faults follow you. i am a procrastinator. so...the thoughts are that we will go to oxford, cambridge and york and then perhaps up into scotland if we can find a bus or train to take us there. i'd also like to see stonehenge. as of now it seems that ireland is off the itinerary as its too last minute...too expensive to swing it. i suppose at some point one has to say...there's always next time but when you are so nearby its frustrating not to be able to see everything.

...i feel like procrastinating just a bit longer...

london is gorgeous, big and overwhelming. there are way...WAY...more tourists here than in san francisco or nyc. and its expensive. yup, the rumours are true! we ducked out of london quickly as we needed to catch our breath after nyc and catch up on sleep. we managed to squeeze in a bus tour (i know...very touristy but i was tired and didn't want to walk everywhere) and the london tower before we head for the villages. the last couple of days have been very relaxing as we've slowed the pace down perusing england's home counties. yesterday we went to st. albans where we walked through a park that had roman ruins from 200 something AD, a gorgeous cathedral and up a hill to the town market. jay had a beer in the fighting cocks, which is reputably the oldest pub in britain. today we joined our hosts at a small festival near hemel and saw a large assortment of old cars & steam engines.

well, i best get on with the task at hand. (is it me or am i sounding more british everyday ;p)


p.s. photos have been taken and will be shared soon. ooooo i miss my macbook...sob


Emms said...

Have I mentioned that I am tired just following you?

Seriously - I'm pooped.

Has anyone suggested that you go to Bath? Not to confuse the issue...

Jason said...

Glad to hear that things are going well and that you were able to slow down the pace somewhat.

corina said...

we've contemplated bath ...for a smallish country England has much to see! I guess we'll see once we return from Scotland

Alison said...

Bath is seriously cute and you pass near Stonehenge on the way from London, although I skipped it when I went a few years ago. Why? the bus schedule was nutty and there was a huge fence around it and I thought well maybe next time.

It's impossible to do it all even on a year long trip, but you sure wish you could!

Head to Bath if you need a breather, there isn't much to see other than the roman bath ruins and a great park to nap in, but don't miss the Pig and the Whistle for a pint.