The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain... not

San Sebastian view from the hill

Like the song in My fair lady...(sigh...no I did not have to look this up. I did, in fact, all ready know this...Thanks mom.) The rain in spain may indeed fall mainly on the plain but as we stayed in the shadows of the Pyrenees for all our trip we would not know this for a fact. But what we can state is that here in the hills we did see a lot of rain...especially in the north.
Jay on the beach...note the hilltop behind him

Corina on the vacant beach...the waves are constant no matter the weather

When we arrived, however, San Sebastian was very warm, very sunny and the beaches were packed. Tourists and locals alike searching for a small piece of real estate to spread the towels and "Basque" in the warm sun =) (my apologies for the pun.) We had 2 days of lovely, sunny, hot, almost too hot weather. We went to the beach for both of them and caught a few rays ourselves. Then as we decide to head out to Bilbao to see Frank Gehry's Guggenheim (but I'll save that for Corina) the rain clouds roll in and kinda parked themselves overhead. Mind you, Bilbao itself was sunny.

The view from the beach on a gorgeous sunny day

We had 7 days of mostly relaxing, not too much walking...we explored the city, we went for a walk in Monte Urgull Mendia park and climbed to the top of a large hill where an old monestary and a large statue of Christ reside. This was quite a hike and the day could not quite decide if it wanted to rain or not but it was at least cooler so physical activity seemed like an O.K. idea. We spend some time in the park and started to decend to find some lunch. As we decended a nice spanish couple asks us a question (in spanish) "No hablo espaƱol" Corina says with some regret. The couple ask again in broken english... "Is this the way to Jesus on the Monte?" As we had just come from there we said yes keep following the path up and you will find it...after the plod ever upward I think about it and remarked "All roads lead to Jesus!"

Jesus on Monte Urgull Mendia


...just running out to catch our flight to Rome in minutes!

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I did comment on this before but to say it again In Hartford Hereford and Hampshire Hurricans hardly happen. Saw a wonderful movie many many years ago that was centered in San Sebastian with Elizabeth taylor and Monty Cliff. Wow you guys are covering a lot ot ground. You will have seen it all and be back sooner then you thought. Miss You LOve you M