where in the world are the flat people?

we haven't heard from the flat penners and flat petroffs in awhile so we thought we grace you with an update from them. they'd like to tell you that the view of the world from a camera bag kinda sucks. but, once in awhile they are let loose to enjoy the sights along side their uber cool auntie corina and uncle jason. here's a look at their adventures since their peace protest on the berlin wall...
flat hannah, ellie, & sasha testing out the speaker tube at rietveld-shroderhuis in utrecht, netherlands - no one answered but we got to go inside anyway...its a museum now.
oui, oui c'est paris! the flat penners take it all in stride...just chilling in front of the eiffel tower without a care in the world.
look behind you flat jane and owen! you may have heard of this place before...it's le tour eiffel!
no matter how many times we tell our flat companions that they are too young to partake in a drink with us, they still seem to hang around like here in st. emilion, france.
this is more like it. we are imparting our love of architecture and culture to these moldable youngsters with a visit to the guggenheim bilbao.
the flat petroffs & flat penners beat the heat in parc guell and have a seat on the famous gaudi benches that were number 1 on auntie corina's must see list.
the flat penners head back to nature in croatia's plitvice lakes national park where its lush and green and the water is so clear you can the fishes.
the flat petroffs check out one of the many plitvice waterfalls, which are the star attraction of the UNESCO protected park.
do vidjenja,
flat jane, flat hannah, flat ellie, flat sasha, flat owen


Karla said...

Finally! I was worried about those flat guys! The eiffle tower pics made me laugh and laugh. Great job, Auntie and Uncle!

Emms said...

do the flat peeps have passports or are you smuggling them?