rome - a pictorial

the roman coliseum

i don't have much to say about rome since we weren't there very long...except it was hot (even in september), expensive, and the public transportation sucks. so instead of dwelling on the negative...

coliseum detail

coliseum - duh!

arch of constantine

roman forum - with you know what behind it

forum ruins

the view from piazza venezia looked beautiful so we took a photo -
anyone know this building?

pantheon facade

pantheon dome

roman cobblestone streets

trevi fountain

trevi fountain dude

so those are the sights we saw but we are missing our photos from the vatican as we have sent our photo card home and forgot to make copies....eek. we wish we could have seen more of rome. it was beautiful but our dwindling budget couldn't take much more than the 2 1/2 days we were there. if you plan on visiting rome...come in spring or late autumn and bring lots of cash.


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