our house is now on mls.

must be official then. we are going to sell our house. i am having mixed feelings about this. there are so many things i love about our place especially now that all the little projects are complete and everything is in its place. 

last night we moved into my parents house for the week that our house is open for showings. i'm hoping that it only takes a week but we do have until May 3rd before the 'rents get back from vacation and kick us out. our kitty cats have been there for a week already and clearly missed us. they were all snuggles and cuddles last night.

my emotions are running at an all time high. late nights cleaning paired with grabbing food on the run paired with physical exhaustion of cleaning, cleaning, cleaning paired with mixed emotions of selling our first home, leaving our kitties, family and friends and then add a sappy commercial or news story about a 14 year old saving a 2 year old with CPR = emotional rollercoaster ride for corina!!! tears have been shed already. reality is sinking in. what the 'bleep' are we doing?

i wonder if i'm going to start bawling in front of the realtor when he presents the offers on sunday...



Emms said...

you are planning an adventure!

I'm sure that realtors are used to a few tears.

Karla said...

I think the tears are good and healthy.... they show how much you love - how much you love your house that you have poured so much into, and how much you love your brother and sister in law who you will miss so desperately while you're gone. :) I know that this must feel like "there's no turning back now" - and that's a big deal. I say, allow yourself to be a little freaky and weepy for a few days. It's all part of the journey! All this spoken by someone who is both freaky and weepy 365 days of the year.