ta da!

we spent much of yesterday tidy-ing and 'staging' each room in the house for a photo shoot. today i'll fire off these photos to the realtor to post on his website and eventually on mls.ca. feel free to critique for the actual showing of the house. any staging advice? we'd like to make as much as possible off this sucker...our equity = travel budget!


Emms said...

My staging advice:

2 cats
2 people (preferably one boy and one girl)
food stuck to the counter and the ceiling
the "homey" scent of garlic and other more exotic spices

what's on the shelf above the television?


Anonymous said...

It looks great!! You did such a good job in the basement bathroom!! Must feel good to have it done! :) - Rhian

Karla said...

Wow! The downstairs bathroom looks amazing! Now, don't mess anything up or let Jason into the kitchen until the house is sold.