planning, planning and more planning

One might say I tend to play it a little fast and loose.  It works for me, mostly.  More on that later.  I do see the benefit of planning, I promise. Today Corina and I  started planning where to go on our world tour. I had purchased a map yesterday so we could see everything all at once. The map was unrolled and the pins started going in. This got me all excited as I have a small thing for maps and that we could see a basic lay out of where everything was.  An idea of where we wanted to go was starting to jell... The reality of what we are about to do is sinking further and further in each day...  I know full well that Corina's desire to have a basic route, to look at is the most  prudent idea.  She knows what's what, after all I'm Mr. Fast and loose. I actually think that combined we could kick ass and take down names!  Watch out world, here we come.

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Emms said...

I snicker at your cRazIneSS...in all ways.