for $25,200 over asking! possession is given up on june 26th @ 8am. 

early morning discussions today involved possibly sticking around until August (yes j.r., until after our annual long wknd at the lake ;p). this will give us the opportunity to spend quality time with the people we love, get our kitties settled into their new home, and have our house money in hand before we leave the country. it's also been brought to our attention that july is the most expensive time to start a rtw trip because all of the world is on vacation in july/august. we may not save much by postponing for a month but we will be much more prepared.

we'd also like to take a side trip if flight prices are right. we'd love to see jay's brother in vancouver before we go. craig and mathy are expecting their first little one in june. 

so we may be knocking on your door for a place to crash in july. we promise to clean up after ourselves and jay will cook dinner at least 3 times a week. promise!

trying desperately to come up with a suitable knock knock joke...& failing miserably,


Gadster said...

Wow, congratulations. That was very fast! The time until the trip will go very fast...

Emms said...

Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Corina who?

Corina Commin-In.