dear readers

thank you for reading our blog. it's just about to get exciting! we leave for vancouver in less than 3 weeks! its been stressful, exciting, nerve wracking and glorious all in one tightly wound package. 

let us know who you are. we're intrigued by our site meter and see people from all over the world are stopping by our page...from zurich, toronto, new york, WINNIPEG, winkler, delaware, moscow, sao paulo...etc. say hi and introduce yourself. we're curious too :D


Gadster said...

Hey Corina,

I am happy for you guys. You about to start a fantastic and memorable trip.

By the way, it might of been us from Moscow and Sao Paulo checking your website. :)

Keep in touch.

corina said...

Thanks Gadi :D I was pretty sure about the Moscow one but the Sao Paulo was more recent. We're still reading your posts & can't wait to join you on the open road.

Take Care