i no longer work here

i lay in bed this morning while jay got ready for work and it felt like most every other saturday morning. the fact that i'm jobless hasn't quite sunk in yet. my last day didn't feel like my last day. i was the last one to leave. the only thing different about my last day at work was that everyone ate lunch at the same time and one of my bosses gave me a hug. the more sensitive one. 

maybe it felt less like the end because my other boss, the lead-into-meetings-with-a-joke one, said that he would like me to come back to work for them again. If I had the desire and if they have the means...lots changes in a year...see this as a leave of absence...yadda, yadda. on one hand its a relief to think i could be employed in a year but on the other i feel like he's added a safety net that i didn't really want or ask for. 

a lot can change in a year. i'm not sure that i expect to be radically different in my personality, but i'm hoping that i will fear less and be more assertive with my goals. i was kinda hoping that the leap into the unknown would shake out what those goals are or at least drive me to find my way as a designer beyond the norm that has become my life.

i've always been the type that floats along until i can stand it no longer and then BLAM! i do something that radically changes my life. i've been lucky to find great friends to be there with me as support...this time i have jay :D i'm not sure any of my girlfriends would do this with me. there's something about jay that makes him willing to take the risk even though he was perfectly happy with the status quo. 

the title of this blog should take you to my employer's website should you be interested in seeing what i'm leaving behind. the projects that i'm particularly proud of are musgrove st, valence, and roslyn cresc. 

onto my next job: cleaning the house for our goodbye party tonight!

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