do you like to rock the party?

we like to rock the party :D

thanks to the friends that made it to our last house party evah...in this house anyway. we enjoyed fielding questions about our itinerary (other people's questions or observations always make us think, reconsider & adjust our plans), hearing how crazy we are (and finding out that you are telling other people you know about this crazy couple thats...yadda, yadda), but we mostly enjoyed seeing you, our good friends, all together, in our cozy living room. 

if for some reason you are our good friend and you didn't make it to our party. that's fine. you missed out is all. you missed out on telephone pictionary...only the best party game invention ever! (thanks for the idea janell). you missed out on my delish vegan chocolate chip & walnut cookies. but most importantly, WE missed YOU :( 


feel guilty yet?

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