jay's family has a dessert that is served every time they have a big extended family supper. it's called 'stuff'. stuff is a gooey mix of oreos and sweet, white, marshmellowy stuff. everyone loves stuff! no one really knows how it came to be known as stuff, altho' jay believes he is the originator of the term. but lest i be accused of thunder stealing...i will let him tell you why (ok, ok...i don't remember the story). 

this is our stuff. i know the story to this stuff. its all the stuff we've collected over the past 4+ years. this is the sum of our collective histories as consumers. i am disgusted and overwhelmed with how much we accumulate as individuals, as a couple and as a society. at the same time i'm trying to convince myself that i won't miss any of this stuff.

well...now it could be your stuff! come on...you know you waaaahhn'it.

plus there will be more tables outside...aaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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jason said...

The story is this: My Aunty Betty made a dessert one Thanksgiving and I was charged with distributing it. But, alas, I had no idea what it was or what it was called so I tried some... D-Lish! But still no name and the mayhem that is Thanksgiving did not allow me to ask. so i just called it "stuff" and a legend was born.