re-routing... maybe...

So first it was Toronto-London-European adventure to Istanbul-Cairo- Delhi-Singapore-Bangkok-Ho Chi Minh-Hong Kong-Auckland-Perth-Sydney-San Francisco... Then we shuffled the deck and came up with dropping Delhi in favor of  adding Tokyo later on in the Asia leg.  Now we might drop Oceania in favour of South America.  So substitute Auckland-Perth-Sydney with Sao Paulo-Lima-Santiago.  Too many choices, not enough time and money! Oh and now we would start out of Vancouver.  
I think we might be over analyzing things. (I know, c'mon Mr. Fast and Loose! faster looser) Well, I do tend to analyze things to the Nth degree (did I warn you that I am often contradictory?). I think I like the South American thing marginally better than Australia/New Zealand. But honestly it's like choosing  two fabulous prizes on the Price is Right (or the like) whatever the choice I think it will be a good one. What we need to do is get-a-move-on! So if the universe co-operates and we get our fancy new aeroplan Visa we can book a flight to Vancouver and thus the adventure would begin! No looking back. no... Ohhh what if's? Only looking forward, and focusing on the total awesomeness that will be confronting us.  Now if only we could make up our minds... =)

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