OMG we leave in 2 weeks AAAAAAAAAH!

(OK....ok... remain calm...find your center and breathe) Hello readers! I've noticed a few more of you from far away and cool places, thanks for stopping by. Well, we're just killing time now before we go...kicking back...Not much to do. Oh yah, I don't know if I mentioned it but apparently WE HAVE TWO WEEKS AND WE ARE ON THE ROAD!! (center... exhale...) Well, we do have like maybe one thing or 2 things tops...

let me interrupt here jay. uh. we have a ton of stuff to do. isn't that why you are anticipating the need for a straight jacket? i have yet to find shoes, a packable jacket for warmth &/or rain, A BACKPACK ...all important things i'm thinking. oh yay! another day of shopping! (might as well read this whole post in a sarcastic tone)

What are you saying? That we are some what less than prepared? Somewhat less than Calm? That we don't have a secret desire to run screaming like we've come unhinged? Hummmm, well I suppose sarcastic was the tone I was going for except one thing...OMG WE LEAVE IN TWO WEEKS...AAAAAAAAAAAH!  (Oh yah...ohmmm  ohmmmm ohmmmmm...much better)

continuing on calmly and collectedly,
jason & corina


Emms said...

no backpack. no leave.

Karla said...

The preparing and thinking and stressing is always insane, but amazingly - all things get acquired, all items get packed, all documents get arranged and before you know it - YOU'll BE GONE! Then the real fun begins... Hang in there. I read this week, "make peace with each moment" - I'm guessing that's applicable in this situation.

Jason said...

Yup, we are feeling the same way. I just hope all the stress vanishes when we arrive in that other place. Whatever place that may be for each of us. Everywhere I read, I hear backpacks are so important, yet for you guys and us, it seems to be the last thing we do. Oh well, its all good.

corina said...

well, after a day in grand forks i've found hiking shoes, a rain jacket and light travel pants all on SALE! still searching for the elusive travel backpack. seems even less common in the US. hitting fargo today.

p.s. we are not staying home emily. no backpack. take suitcase ;p