jake & midge

finding a home for our kitties has been difficult. we've had a few ideas of who they could stay with but each one has fallen through. graciously, my mom has agreed to be the back up home but i know she would rather not deal with 2 cats in her 'already-too-big-to-keep-clean' house. i know they will receive the love and snuggles they need there but i don't want to be a burden. but if i don't want to burden my mom...why would someone not related to me want to take care of 2 cats for a year?

simply put. our kitties rock! jake is the snuggliest cat that i've ever met. he needs lap time. big time! he's getting old (14) but he still has a unique personality. jake is the cat that everyone gravitates to when we have people over. he's fluffy and soft and he loves attention. well. at least until he's tired of it. his quirks are: you must get out of bed in the morning by 7:30 latest or he'll drive you nuts with his meowing (i know this is not a positive for some but people that need an extra boost out of bed in the morning...who needs an alarm!), if you are sitting anywhere in your house he will be on your lap, he likes to be held like a baby and dangle his head back to look around, while being held he likes it when you dance to jamiroquai's "canned heat", he responds to finger swishing not 'pssstpssstpssst', he likes to drink from the lav faucet, he'll attempt to jump into your arms from the floor...when he was a kitten he ran up my leg, when he was a teenager he jumped up to my waist to catch him and now that he's an old man he makes it to my thighs so i have to bend to catch him...and lastly if you are in the washroom, so is he.

midge is almost the opposite of jake. jake is scrawny and fluffy, midge is pudgy and silky. she prefers to chill on her own most of the time but if you walk by her she'll roll over and bare her belly for you. the routine is: walk by, midge squeals and rolls over, you say 'who's a midge-y' and plant your face in her belly, she purrs and you feel loved, you move on until the next time you walk by, and repeat. midge is a sensitive cat. she doesn't react well to new things. when we had her at my parents' last month when we had our house listed for sale, she hid in the basement for days. last night, my friend stopped by with her 4 month old baby and midge wouldn't go near hadyn. she's lived a sheltered life, where as, jake has had to roll with the punches moving from apartment to apartment, living through raving parties etc. midge needs jake. even when they escape outdoors she'll run up to him and makes sure she knows where he is at all times. she's a sweetie.

so hopefully one of you will read this and think 'i can take them!' and call us OR 'i know someone that would be perfect' and call us. if you love cats or know someone that does you won't find 2 cats that are as lovable and friendly as jake and midge. 

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