'round the world we go!

our tickets are booked! 

we followed the lead of fellow winnipeggers/world travelers/couch surfers, rebecca & gadi, and used www.oneworld.com to book our 'round-the-world' (rtw) ticket. the people at american airlines' oneworld desk were incredibly patient and helpful. it really puts us at ease to know that these people will be there to help us while we are on the road. the last agent we talked to even wanted us to email our travel blog address to her! so a big thanks has to go out to the agents that helped us over the last 2 months of planning and pricing.
for those of you that are contemplating this type of trip...and you are leaving from canada...you can expect to budget about 5000 CAD/ticket for 4 continents with oneworld. we priced out tickets with another airline group, star alliance, but oneworld was consistently $1000 cheaper for the routes we wanted to fly. they also have an online trip planner that will even let you see if there are flights available as you plan your route. it takes a bit of a learning curve to get the hang of the planner but by the end we were pros.

so, our flight itinerary is prepared, now we just have to fill in the blanks. i think for the most part this will be as we go. plan our next destination based on our whims, must see/do list, cost, advice from travelers, getting to our next flight departure. this is the fun part :D

our flight & semi-planned itinerary 2009/10
july 13th 2009 fly to vancouver
july 17/18th fly to new york city
july 21st fly to london
august 10th fly to berlin
overland segment through europe to istanbul, turkey
spend time in germany, netherlands, france, spain, morocco, italy, hungary, greece, egypt, croatia, turkey,
december 5th fly to dubai via amman
december 10th fly to hong kong
december 15th fly to singapore
spend time in malaysia, indonesia
january 5th fly to bangkok
spend a month in thailand
overland segment through laos, cambodia & vietnam
march 9th fly to tokyo
spend time in japan, outside of tokyo
march 21st fly to sao paulo
spend time in brazil
may 7th fly to santiago, chile
not sure what to see here...need to research (any suggestions?)
open ticket to lima
go up to machu picchu
open ticket to los angeles
open ticket to san francisco
hang out in california before finding flight home
the end 

i was supposed to let jay write this entry but i'm home, unemployed and needed a break from packing & collecting stuff for our moving sale. sorry jay :p maybe you can add your 2 cents as an edit...

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