First click on the title of this blog to cue cheesy 1980's keyboard intro...Then let the music play in the background while you read this next post for full effect...  

How many of you out there have ever jumped off a tall diving board? A small plane with a parachute strapped to you? A bridge with an giant elastic band tied to your feet? Or a 20M cliff into a Caribbean lagoon. (the last one... me) Well, there is a moment when you are weightless. I felt that way after we purchased our rtw tickets this past monday. Like my stomach was in my mouth in the best way possible. WE ARE DOING THIS! eeep Someone, who we will call thunder steeler, has posted our itinerary, even tho she said I could... (gurrrr thunder steeler) So all I am left with is cheesy 80's music and even cheesier metaphors...(Je suis le grand fromage! (mmmm mmmm fromage) CURSE YOU THUNDER STEELER! Be that as it may, the metaphor is accurate. 
I have recited the itinerary so often I don't have to think anymore...You're doing what? WOW that sounds exciting (tho' not as exciting as the Eddie Van Halen solo coming up if you linked on the youtube video and let it play like I asked). Can I/we come with you? Ahh, the green eyed monster lurks 'round so many corners now-a-days. For all of you jealous types who want to come with us here's how you can. Sell your house and the majority of it's contents. Quit your jobs (or if you can get a leave of absence) and drop about $10,000 for 2 plane tix around the world. There...that wasn't to hard was it? 


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i had to come back to this one to let you know that you musical addition is sammy haggar with van halen...not the REAL VAN HALEN.