going, going... (part 2)

the house is sold...now its time for the contents. 

we decided to really pare down on our belongings. we've collected a lot of stuff in the last 4 years in this house! we're deeming a few things as essential, irreplaceable, or we can't bare to part with them but the rest is getting sold. we've already collected $245 dollars by posting some of the larger 'non-essential, easy to part with, replaceable' items on kijiji.ca. 

here's our listing for our moving sale which we hope to hold on june 20th & 21st.

let us know if you are looking for anything specific and we'll sell it to you before the moving sale date. if you go to "view poster's other ads" you can see everything we've posted on kijiji.

thanks for your support :D

corina & jason

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Mahmoud said...

Hey, good luck with the sale.